Blue Bird Laser Therapy is based in Honeydew, Johannesburg, South Africa.


We offer a variety of weight loss, body contouring, cellulite reduction, detoxification and lymphatic drainage solutions. RF and cavitation is on offer for body contouring, skin tightening and facial wrinkle reduction.


Our laser hair removal technology uses a 4 wave diode (PAINLESS) laser that penetrates the three different hair growth cycles. The laser is suitable for all skin types and colors.


Facial treatments, include deep cleaning, skin brightening / pigmentation lightening, skin peeling, wrinkle and fine line reduction, plasma fibroblast, skin tag removal, anti-aging, dermaplaning and hydra-facial treatments for normal to sensitive skin types. Facial treatments are recommended for each client’s specific skin types and needs.


Tattoo removal is also a popular service for those unwanted, faded and silly tattoos that need to be removed / covered up. This caters for all skin types and colors.


Vaginal tightening / fecal incontinence / erectile disfunction is a real issue that isn’t spoken about, but causes so much embarrassment. It is an easy, fixable, and non-invasive procedure. We use the latest technology that assists our clients keeping their dignity intact.


Blue Bird Laser Therapy prides itself in keeping up with the latest technology for our clients.


Blue Bird Laser Therapy is approved by the Health and Safety and Fire Department to ensure we comply with

rules and regulations to keep our clients safe and in a clean environment.

We would like to mention that life is a process and all procedures entail a series of treatments

to ensure the best results for YOU.

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